Order status Update 27/10/22 


Due to the supply chain issues it’s not possible to know exact dates for when suppliers/manufacturers will actually supply. We can only have indicative dates which are subject to change. For this reason we have provided below information for various products and we request that customers do not keep emailing to ask for updates. We have enormous amounts of stock that has come in and is due to come in. However, it slows down our ability tremendously to go through all the processes necessary to fulfil orders having to deal with so many emails on a daily basis from customers requesting an order update.

We have recently dramatically reduced our product range and products available for pre-order in order to focus on products that are available in stock and to fulfil outstanding orders. For products that are out of stock you can select the ‘Notify me when in stock’ tab on the product pages for an automatic email when stock becomes available.


Main products:


US2000C: Next stock due Nov 15th

US3000C: Next stock due Nov 12th & Nov 25th

US5000: In stock


Gen2 Hybrids: We have recently discovered that Givenergy or Givenergy’s exclusive distributor have decided not to supply any re-sellers with Gen2’s to re-sellers until sometime next year and have even changed over all orders without prior consent to Gen1 hybrids. We are now having to contact all customers for Gen2 to explain the situation and offer either Gen1’s or a refund.

Cables & accessories: Cables, meters & dongles expected week 7th Nov

9.5kw batteries in stock

Fox Cube 

Fox have delayed the 4.03kw battery until December time, 2.88kw in stock




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