10 x Givenergy 9.5kWh Gen2 Battery £24,000 +vat (£2,400 each)

£28,800.00 incl. VAT

10 x Givenergy 9.5kWh Gen2 Battery £24,000 +vat (£2,400 each)

£28,800.00 incl. VAT
Product description

GivEnergy 9.5kWh Eco LiFePO4 Battery IP65

#1: GIV-BAT9.5-X10


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Automatic discount £5k+ vat spend: 3%
Automatic discount £7.5k+ vat spend: 4%
Automatic discount £10k+ vat spend: 5%

Please ensure the correct cable is added to your order. Gen2 to Gen2 is for connecting 9.5kw batteries to 9.5kw batteries only. Gen2 to Gen1 is for connecting 9.5kw battery to any Givenergy inverter/charger

Suitable for charging from Economy 7 such as Octopus Go. For detailed explanation of how to maximise Economy 7 essential information to work out which battery storage options is best for you please visit - Understanding Economy 7

*Collections permitted by pre-arrangement*

To build a complete system please visit our main Givenergy page

Up to 5 batteries can be used with each AC charger/hybrid inverter, multiple charger/inverters can be installed.

The next step in GivEnergy's product range, and it's bigger and better than ever. With a capacity of 9.5kWh and an unlimited cycle 12 year warranty, it marks the next step in the ever-popular range.

New features include an in-built DC MCB and push fit power connectors - reducing time and complexity of installation.


  • Plug & Play functionality
  • Fully Recyclable at end of life
  • Remote Firmware upgrades
  • IP65 Rated 


  • Dual BMS system allowing greater control and functionality
  • Scalable Battery Packs - Up to 5 per inverter in 2019
  • 0.5C-1C charge and discharge rate
  • Retrofit compatible
  • 157Wh per Kg +/- 5%

Now with 12 year warranty.

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