405W Longi 54c HiMo5 Black Frame Mono solar panel £64 + vat

£76.80 incl. VAT

405W Longi 54c HiMo5 Black Frame Mono solar panel £64 + vat

£76.80 incl. VAT
Product description

405W Longi 54c HiMo5 Black Frame Mono 

#2: LR5-54HIH-405M-BF Black Frame Mono

#3: LR5-54HIH-405M

#4: LR5-54HIB-405M

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Minimum order for this panel: 3 panels. 

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Other panels have a minimum order of 3 - 5 panels.

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*Collections are not permitted due to health & safety regulations*

Longi's 405W Hi-Mo5 panels are made up of 54 cells, providing a great power outage to size ratio and excellent performance - achieving over 20% efficiency. The product family is designed mainly for residential and C&I rooftop systems.

Key features:

Half-cell modules and PERC design deliver a high output.
Low degradation
Better energy yield with low irradiance performance.
High power-output to size ratio.
Longi Solar is one of the largest silicon producers in the world and a specialist in mono-crystalline cell and panel manufacturing.


Peak power: 405W
Vmpp: 31.25V
Voc: 37.25V
Impp: 13.12A
Isc: 13.88A
Weight: 20.08 kg
Dimensions: 1722 x 1134 x 30 mm
Product warranty: 12 years
Warranty on output: 25 years
Efficiency: 21%

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