415W Perlight All Black Mono Solar Panel

£172.80 incl. VAT

415W Perlight All Black Mono Solar Panel

£172.80 incl. VAT
Product description

415W Perlight All Black Mono Solar Panel

 #3: PLM-415OM6B-60

 #3A: PLM-415OM6B-60


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This 415W Perlight Delta in all-black offers a beautiful appearance that is ultra-sleek and provides a modernised look. Perlight's technology offers an innovative structure and high density cell layout that works to improve the power generation of their solar modules.

Features of this panel include:

High Module Efficiency: This panel is has an efficiency of 21.2% leading to a high rate of return on your investment.

Reduced Shading Losses: Unlike more conventional modules, the Perlight delta panel benefits from parallel layout which reduce power losses that occur through mismatch due to the effects of shading.

Safety and Reliability: This panel has in-built safety features such as high pressure-resistance and a lower operating temperature that act to also improve the reliability of the product, this on top of low hot spotting effects help to increase module lifetime and reduce losses during generation.

Warranty: The impressive reliability of this product allows Perlight to offer a fantastic 30 year warranty for both materials and for linear power output with a maximum 1st year degradation of 2% and an annual degradation of 0.55% thereafter.

Environmental Improvements: This panel is more environmentally friendly as it has a low level of Pb and is also fluorine free!


Peak power: 415W
Vmpp: 38.9V
Voc: 46.7V
Impp: 10.67A
Isc: 11.12A
Weight: 21 kg
Dimensions: 1719 x 1140 x 30mm

Product warranty: 30 years
Warranty on output: 30 years
Efficiency: 21.2%

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