5.44Kw Solar / 17.5Kw Pylontech Lithium batteries 48V off grid solar battery charging kit £7,398+vat


5.44Kw Solar / 17.5Kw Pylontech Lithium batteries 48V off grid solar battery charging kit £7,398+vat

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Product description

5.44Kw Solar / 17.5Kw Pylontech Lithium batteries 48V off grid solar battery charging kit

This 5.44Kw 48V Complete Off-grid Solar Power System is the perfect ready-to-use kit for off-grid applications requiring a reliable and constant source of power for household appliances or industrial equipment in areas without access to or without stable mains electricity. This kit can provide power to small/medium household or office appliances such as LED lighting, TV, radio, computer, printer or a fridge. This may vary significantly according to the location and season.

This complete off-grid kit has been expertly designed to maximise efficiency and output and therefore comes equipped with some of our most premium quality products; including two monocrystalline solar panels and a state-of-the-art Iconica hybrid power inverter - an intelligent combination of a high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter and smart mains battery charger in one single unit. 

Kit includes:

  • 16 x 340W monocrystalline solar panels. JA Solarr or similar
  • Iconica Hybrid 8000W 24V pure sine wave inverter
  • 5 x Pylontech US3000C 3.5kw lithium batteries
  • 120A circuit breaker or fuse
  • A pair of 5m 4mm2 solar extension cables with MC4 connectors
  • A pair of 1m 25mm2 tinned copper battery cables
  • Battery linking cable
  • Loose ring terminals
  • MC4 connectors

If you require roof mounting please email the roof type & layout for the panels and a quote will be provided. 


Inverter specifications:

Nominal battery voltage: 48V

Continuous power output: 8000W/8000VA (220-240V AC) Surge power: 16000VA Output frequency: 50/60Hz Output waveform: Pure sine wave Maximum solar input power: 4000W per input (8000W total) Maximum solar input current: 18A per input Maximum open circuit solar input voltage: 500V (open circuit) MPPT solar operating voltage: 90V - 450V Maximum solar charging current: 80A Maximum mains AC charging current: 120A Maximum combined charging current: 120A Peak efficiency: 93% DC output: 12 V ± 7%, 100W Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C Supplied with solar connectors, cable glands, parallel connection cables, PC connection cable and PC software CD

Size: 147.4 x 432.5 x 553.6 mm


The Iconica MAX 8000W 48V hybrid inverter intelligently combines the functions of an 8000W pure sine wave inverter, 80A MPPT solar charge controller with two independent inputs and an extremely powerful 120A smart battery charger in one single portable unit. This model can accept input from solar panels, mains power/ generator and a battery - either from a single or combination of input sources. In addition to its unique hybrid capability, this innovative inverter features advanced communication functions, along with a menu full of highly customisable settings.


This inverter features the rare and unique ability to power AC appliances without connection to a battery - directly from solar power.


This is the perfect solution for any off-grid application with limited or zero access to traditional mains power. This hybrid inverter features an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), making it the ideal option for applications where the power supply is unreliable, intermittent, or expensive to maintain. This inverter is great for both stationary and mobile off-grid installations (e.g., remote properties, holiday homes, huts and cabins or narrowboats, yachts etc), as well as for customers looking to reduce their mains electricity usage and save on electricity bills. It could also create the perfect back-up system in locations suffering from frequent power cuts.


Key functions:


  1. 8000W 48V Pure sine wave inverter: Converts DC current into 230V AC mains electricity, to run various household appliances such as a TV, laptop, fridge, microwave, lighting etc. Able to generate 8000VA of continuous power with a strong peak power handling capability of up to 16000VA (to start powerful appliances with electric motors such as pumps, a vacuum cleaner, power tools etc). This inverter is a pure sine wave type, which easily surpasses modified sine wave inverters in terms of efficiency and compatibility with a wider range of appliances.


  1. Inbuilt 8000W high solar input MPPT Solar charge controller: Two independent solar inputs can each accept up to 4000W of solar power. The MPPT charge controller regulates the input from the solar panels and charges the batteries at up to 80A, with a full range of safety functions including protection against overcharge, overheating, reverse current etc. Advanced MPPT technology extracts the maximum possible output from the solar panels and operates at up to 98% efficiency. This inverter is therefore well-suited to systems with large and powerful solar arrays, or two solar arrays with different panels or light conditions. Performance data for the solar arrays is displayed on the LCD screen.


  1. Enhanced 120A Smart battery charger: Designed to enable safe, efficient, and fast (up to 120A) unattended charging of a battery from a mains power source or generator, with full overcharge protection and multiple charging stages.


  1. System expansion potential: This inverter has the ability to be connected in parallel with additional identical units (maximum of 5 further inverters) using the included connection cables, offering the possibility of large-scale system expansion, with up to 48kw of power handling capability. Once connected in parallel, there is the option for 3-phase operation (ideal if the system is being used to power industrial grade equipment and machinery run on 3 phase).


Additional intelligent features:


The Iconica MAX 8000W 48V hybrid inverter boasts an abundance of unique features, providing enhanced functionality over standard inverters. These include:


- Load power without a battery: This inverter is able to power AC loads (and itself) directly from the solar input, without the need for a battery bank to be connected to the inverter. By powering loads using the energy directly supplied from the solar panels, this Iconica inverter offers a uniquely independent and versatile power system, free from batteries if preferred. Removing the need for batteries also increases the efficiency of the energy generated from the solar array by reducing the power losses that this transfer of energy would usually cause. However, if a battery bank is available, the inverter can power loads directly from the solar panels whilst the charging batteries at the same time. For example, if 4000W of solar power is flowing into the inverter, 2000W can be used to run appliances whilst the remaining 2000W will be used for charging the battery bank.


- Output source priority: This intelligent feature allows the user to set output source preferences (solar/ battery power/ mains input or a generator) for the AC load output of the inverter. This menu includes several options for varying conditions and scenarios, e.g., which source of energy is given priority for the AC output if solar power is insufficient/ if battery voltage is too low/ if mains is unavailable, etc.


- Battery charging priority: A wide selection of battery charging priority options are available. For instance, the user can choose to charge the battery using solar power only/ using a combination of solar power and mains power/ from mains power only etc.


- A range of highly customisable settings: The parameters for this inverter can be personalised to an exceptionally specific degree via the user-friendly interface. At the touch of a button, the user can customise parameters such as the AC input range, battery type, max charging current, specific high/low voltage disconnect points (and preferred charging source upon reconnection), the duration and voltage of each charging stage, auto-restart options, power saving mode, overload bypass, battery equalization stage characteristics and so on. There are also options for managing operational features such as the audible alarm and backlight settings.


- Illuminated removable LCD screen: Displays vital statistics which are easily changeable by use of the up/down keys. This information includes: status and mode, input/output voltage, frequency, battery voltage, load power and percentages, charge and discharge current etc. The LCD display is removable and can be positioned up to 20m away from the inverter for remote system monitoring (requires additional basic RJ45 connection cable – not included). 


- Customisable RGB light bar: LED indicator strip across the front of the inverter can be programmed to show battery charge level or solar/mains/battery input in customisable colours, allowing you to easily see the system status at a glance.


- 12V DC output: run 12V DC loads direct from the inverter, without requiring any separate adapters or converters.


- Advanced communication options: The inverter is supplied with a PC connection cable and PC software CD for convenient viewing of important system information, such as:  solar/ battery/ AC voltage, charging current, battery capacity etc. Detailed data logs are also available to view and export to PDF/ Excel formats from the PC software. This inverter also has the potential to send data to a mobile app using the built-in wi-fi kit, or to an online user portal a Wi-Fi connection kit or 3G connection kit (purchased separately). By connecting via one of these methods, the user will unlock access to exclusive features such as email / push notification / SMS status updates for the inverter, remote system monitoring from any location and much more.


- Auto restart function: When overload or overheating occurs, the inverter will disconnect the load appliances, and automatically reconnect once safe conditions are detected.


- Generator auto-start function: If connected to a generator via dry contacts, the Iconica inverter can send a signal to automatically start the generator as soon as the battery voltage drops below a certain level.


- Intelligent cooling design: The inverter uses predictive fan logic based on performance and temperature (1, 2 or 3 fans operating at a time, with variable speeds) to prevent over-heating of the components.



This hybrid inverter is suitable for 48V flooded, sealed GEL/AGM lead-acid and Lithium batteries with pre-defined charging programs (consult the battery supplier for advice on Lithium battery charging settings). A user-defined battery type with numerous customisable settings is also available for charging other battery types.

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