6 x 500ml Endotherm Energy Saving Additive - Typical 10-15% savings £300 +vat

£360.00 incl. VAT

6 x 500ml Endotherm Energy Saving Additive - Typical 10-15% savings £300 +vat

£360.00 incl. VAT
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6 x 500ml Endotherm Energy Saving & Carbon Emission Reducing Additive Typical 10-15% savings


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Changing the properties of water to improve energy efficiency.

EndoTherm is a unique, multi-award winning energy saving hydronic additive independently proven to save up to 15% on space heating energy consumption.

How much Endotherm should be used:

2 x 500ml bottles are sufficient for a medium to large 3-4 bed detached property. For more accurate sizing Endotherm should equate to 1% of total system volume.

When should Endotherm be added:

The ideal time to minimise installation costs will be when the heating system is being serviced. However, if the system won't be serviced before the winter time then it could be better to start enjoying the savings straight away. 

Water is used in heating systems as it is a good heat transfer medium that is abundant and low-cost. EndoTherm optimises water to influence heating system performance. 
Although water is abundant and low cost, its thermophysical properties can be improved upon.

EndoTherm interacts with water’s hydrogen bond network to improve its thermophysical properties to maximise the ability of heating systems to deliver heat to the locations required at the times it is needed.

These changes can increase the rates at which rooms reach temperature and improve the ability of the heating system to respond to changes in demand.

This allows heating systems to better deliver heat to the right places, and at the right times to maximise system efficiency.

Independently Proven

EndoTherm has been rigorously tested with savings confirmed by multiple third party Research & Development laboratories and facilities.

Easy to Install

EndoTherm requires no system downtime and can be installed, like an inhibitor, in just 10-15 minutes.

Non - Corrosive

EndoTherm is non-corrosive to heating system components in use and is non-hazardous with no discharge requirements.

Award Winning & Recognised

EndoTherm is a multi-award winning technology with confirmed compatibility with leading boiler and inhibitor brands.

Carbon Emission Reduction

As EndoTherm reduces heating energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced which is vital to achieve net zero targets.

100% Organic

EndoTherm is made from 100% organic materials and is responsible for 0.58Kg embodied carbon which is offset in under a day of use.

EndoTherm is installed at 1% of total system volume using the same methodology as traditional corrosion inhibitors. Or 2 x 500ml bottles for a typical 3-4 bedroom home. These guidelines are based on steel flat panel radiators More EndoTherm may be required if higher water volume heat emitters like traditional cast iron radiators.

Research has shown that EndoTherm remains stable and is able to sustain at a functional concentration within a closed heating system circuit for 10+ years provided no significant fluid loss (and subsequent refilling causing EndoTherm dilution) has occurred due to leaks or maintenance.

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