9kW | Pre Wired | InverTech High Temp Heat Pump Package (Full Install Kit)

£6,912.01 incl. VAT

Cylinder Option

200L 250L 300L

9kW | Pre Wired | InverTech High Temp Heat Pump Package (Full Install Kit)

£6,912.01 incl. VAT

Cylinder Option

200L 250L 300L
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9kW | Pre Wired | InverTech High Temp Heat Pump Package (Full Install Kit)


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Each order includes 2 free bottle of Endotherm Energy Saving Additive to help reduction energy consumption by up to 15%

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Cool Energy inverTech High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump Package

Introducing the InverTech Heat Pump Package: Engineered for Seamless and Efficient Installation

Experience the latest in home heating technology with our InverTech Heat Pump Package. This system has been meticulously designed to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process, making it an ideal choice for both new constructions and upgrades to existing systems. The InverTech Heat Pump is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly solutions, offering remarkable energy efficiency that translates into cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint for your home.

Package Includes:

  • 18kW Cool Energy High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump
  • 316 INOX Stainless Steel Tank - Includes access point for cleaning, 3kW Immerison, PRV & Secondary Port
  • Stainless 60L Buffer Tank (With internal expanison option)
  • Buffer Tank Fitting Pack (3kW Backup immerison, PRV, 1"x 28mm Brass Fittings, 1" Plugs)
  • 600mm Flexi Feet
  • 500mm Pre-insulated Flexi Hoses
  • 25 Litres of Thermox DTX Inhibited Glycol
  • 28mm IntaKlean filter
  • G3 Potable Expanison
  • Vessel
  • Vessel Bracket
  • 3 Port Diverter Valve
  • Auto Air Vent
  • Filling Loop & Pressure
  • Gauge
  • G3 Tundish
  • G3 Multiblock Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Pre-Wired Cylinder and Buffer thermostat Probes
  • Easy CAT6 Connection to heat pump (Various Cable Lengths Available)
  • Simple 2 Wire Volt-Free connection for heating controls.

Heat Pump Features:

  • 75°c High Temperature Heat Pump
  • Galvanised Powder Coated Casing
  • Panasonic DC Inverter Compressor
  • Intelligent Carel Control System
  • Efficient Carel Power + Inverter Drive
  • Precision Carel Electronic Expansion Valve
  • Smart Weather Compensation
  • Super Quiet DC Inverter Fans
  • Built In Grundfos Pump with Smart PWM Control
  • High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger
  • BMS Control Functions Available
  • WiFi Control and Management Available
  • Cascade any number of units
  • Can be installed in virtually any system configuration
  • Heating & Cooling functions
  • Smart Grid Ready
  • R290 Eco Friendly
  • 5 Year Warranty*

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