Activair 3kW Indoor Air Source Heat Pump £1,706 + vat

$2,701.20 incl. VAT

Activair 3kW Indoor Air Source Heat Pump £1,706 + vat

$2,701.20 incl. VAT
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Activair 3kW Indoor Air Source Heat Pump

#14: CE-9111

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Each order includes 2 free bottle of Endotherm Energy Saving Additive to help reduction energy consumption by up to 15%

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Activair 3kW Indoor Air Source Heat Pump


Revolutionize your apartment heating with the Activair 3kW Indoor Air Source Heat Pump. Designed to offer a cost-effective solution, this heat pump reduces installation expenses by approximately 70% compared to traditional HIUs central plant rooms and ground source heat pumps. Its compact design eliminates the need for large external units, making it ideal for apartment living.

Experience dual benefits with this innovative system. It not only provides efficient domestic hot water (DHW) production but also ensures a cool and comfortable indoor environment during warmer summers. The inclusion of smart touch screen controls enhances user convenience, allowing easy management of the system's settings.

Installation of the Activair heat pump is straightforward, requiring minimal space and effort. Once installed, it demands virtually no maintenance, offering a hassle-free experience. This system is particularly beneficial for new developments, contributing significantly to achieving the desired SAP rating—a measure of a building's energy efficiency.

Additionally, the Activair heat pump is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Aztec Electric Boiler, offering a cohesive and efficient home heating solution. With a generous 5-year comprehensive warranty, this product promises reliability and long-term satisfaction for your home heating needs.



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