Activair Plus Sunamp Heat Pump Package 15kW £7,143 + VAT

£8,571.97 incl. VAT

Activair Plus Sunamp Heat Pump Package 15kW £7,143 + VAT

£8,571.97 incl. VAT
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Activair Plus Sunamp Heat Pump Package 15kW

#14: CE-9515PACK

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Each order includes 2 free bottle of Endotherm Energy Saving Additive to help reduction energy consumption by up to 15%

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Activair Plus 15kW Pack
Includes High Temp R290 ASHP 15kW, Sunamp Thermino 210 HPPV
Thermal Battery and installation kit

The Thermino ePV Heat Battery: An Efficient Solar-Powered Water Heating Solution

The Thermino ePV represents a significant advancement in water heating technology, offering an efficient alternative to traditional direct cylinders. It harnesses solar energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels, ensuring a more efficient delivery of hot water. For added versatility, it also utilizes grid electricity, providing flexibility during periods when solar energy is insufficient.

Equipped with PV-ready heat batteries, the Thermino ePV excels in optimizing the self-consumption of electricity generated from solar panels. This feature ensures maximum utilization of free, renewable energy. Additionally, the system smartly incorporates off-peak electricity from the grid to automatically recharge its heat batteries when necessary, offering an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

A unique capability of the Thermino ePV is its function in pre-heating water for combi boilers, reducing overall energy usage and costs. Alternatively, it serves as an exceptionally efficient stand-alone water heater, guaranteeing instant access to mains pressure hot water for all household taps and showers.

Designed with space efficiency in mind, the Thermino ePV is notably compact, liberating valuable storage space within your home. It stands as an ideal replacement for both traditional vented and unvented hot water cylinders, as well as hot water-only thermal stores, making it a versatile solution for modern sustainable living.

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