EVBox Smart Charging+


EVBox Smart Charging+

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Product description

EVBox Smart Charging+ from solar


    Single phase, 50A

    Makes the most efficient use of the available power capacity by safely balancing the energy usage between your electric car charging station and other appliances on-site (dynamic load balancing).

    Integrates with your solar installation

    Gives you full control over your energy usage by providing real-time data on your EV charging and solar production.

    Car charging options: Charge now, Charge smart or Stop

    Smart charge scheduling - have your car "ready Monday to Friday by 8am with a minimum range of 150km" for example.

    • Dynamic load balancing
    • Integrated with solar
    • Supports variable energy tariffs
    • Peak shaving
    • Easy installation
    • CE and UL certified
    • Control with app
    • Includes 3x50A CT clamps
    • Also requires 100A CT clamp EVBOX-SMARTCT100A, supplied separately

    Single phase mains connection.  For three phase mains connection please use an additional 2 CT clamps, part number EVBOX-SMARTCT100A

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