Pro Range Air Source Heat Pump CE-H5 5.5kW £1,920 + VAT

£2,304.00 incl. VAT

Pro Range Air Source Heat Pump CE-H5 5.5kW £1,920 + VAT

£2,304.00 incl. VAT
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Pro Range Air Source Heat Pump CE-H5 5.5kW

#14: CE-H5

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Pro Range Air Source Heat Pump CE-H5 5.5kW


The ProRange Air Source Heat Pump is a highly efficient and versatile solution for your heating and cooling needs. Delivering a powerful performance it is designed to operate effectively in a wide range of temperatures, from as high as +43°C to as low as -15°C. This durability is further enhanced by its anti-corrosive grey ABS casing, ensuring longevity and resilience against various weather conditions. Central to its operation is the superior Toshiba compressor, renowned for its reliability and efficiency, making the ProRange a dependable choice for both residential and commercial settings.

What sets this heat pump apart is its intelligent control system, which includes a built-in intelligent WiFi controller for easy remote operation and integration into smart home systems. This feature allows for effortless monitoring and adjustment of settings, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency. Additionally, the unit's flexibility is exemplified by its ability to cascade multiple units for larger installations, and its volt-free switching control ensures seamless compatibility with different systems. The built-in Wilo water pump, precision electronic expansion valve, and high-efficiency heat exchanger all contribute to its superior thermal efficiency and performance. Equipped with intelligent defrosting and a refrigerant diagnostic gauge, the ProRange offers ease of maintenance and reliability. Backed by a 3-year warranty, subject to terms and conditions, it stands as a robust and smart solution for modern heating and cooling requirements.

Heat Pump Features: 


  • Anti-Corrosive Grey ABS Casing
  • Superior Toshiba Compressor
  • Intelligent Control system
  • Built-In intelligent WiFi controller
  • Cascade any number of units
  • Volt Free switching control
  • Heating & cooling functions
  • Intelligent defrosting
  • Built-in Wilo water pump
  • Precision electronic expansion valve
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger
  • Refrigerant diagnostic gauge
  • Working range +43°C to -15°C
  • 3 Year Warranty*

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