SolaX X1 AC Coupled Battery charge Inverter HV 3.0kW charges from grid £679+vat


SolaX X1 AC Coupled Battery charge Inverter HV 3.0kW charges from grid £679+vat

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SolaX X1 AC Coupled Battery Inverter HV 3.0kW charges from grid
#1: X1-AC-3.0

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SolaX X1 AC Charger

Upgrade a PV system with the X1 AC Coupled Inverter Charger from SolaX. Compatible with any brand (single phase) inverter, the X1 retro-fit has a maximum efficiency of up to 97%, is rated for indoor or outdoor use and can be remotely monitored via the XCloud.

Additional features:

  • High voltage battery support means thinner cables are required
  • 7.5kW Max charge/discharge
  • Wifi or LAN stick available separately
  • Suitable for grid trading applications with less than 0.5s response time
  • Charging from grid possible
  • Natural Cooling, quiet and low maintenance


Please note the minimum number of batteries per X1 AC inverter is 1 and maximum of 3. Please note batteries need to be the same capacity, its not possible to connect both 4.5kWh and 6.3kWh to one inverter.

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