AVAILABLE NOW: Solis AC Coupled Charger/Inverter

AVAILABLE NOW: Solis AC Coupled Charger/Inverter

Turn ANY new or existing solar system, into a BATTERY READY system.

Now in stock, the Solis AC coupled charger inverter incorporates many impressive features:

    • Seamless integration into any grid-tied PV system, regardless of the existing brand of inverter. This means even the oldest systems can have a new storage system added retrospectively

    • Installing this with Solis’s range of universal data logging sticks allows convenient, real-time monitoring of storage and energy usage within the home via wireless communication

    • The system can be set up to work in a variety of different ways, providing backup power in the event of a power cut or simply by increasing self-consumption

    • Flexible install location – inside or out

    • Cost effective compared to similar DC coupled / hybrid solutions

    • Optimal energy - get more energy and power compared to a similar hybrid inverter system

    • AC coupled storage means that the inverter to which the battery is connected is separate to the solar inverter. It can be a much simpler installation in many cases by using two separate inverters for battery and solar

    • AC-coupled storage with high voltage batteries is the smart solution if you want to add battery storage to your solar system

  • Adaptable output times – enjoy the benefits of a green energy tariff

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5-7 days international delivery

Same Day System Design

Using state of the art design software

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