The Off-grid EV Charger

off grid ev charger


As the automotive landscape shifts toward electric mobility, the demand for innovative and sustainable charging solutions continues to rise. One groundbreaking approach gaining traction is the off-grid EV charger.  In this article we are will be talking about the latest SolarEdge EV chargers that have been unveiled by SolarEdge as well as the SolarEdge EV charger price.

SolarEdge is a key player in the solar renewable field, fueled by its innovative solar technologies. Their most recent designs that are about to hit the market are SolarEdge's off-grid EV chargers, specifically the EV 22kW and 4.2kW models.

The SolarEdge EV Charger, available in 22kW and 4.2kW variants, is designed to revolutionize the way we think about EV charging by harnessing the power of the sun for sustainable and off-grid mobility. Below are listed what are considered these off grid EV chargers key features.

Key Features:

High Power Output:

The EV 22kW model is designed for rapid charging needs, catering to users with higher energy requirements. Meanwhile, the 4.2kW model offers a more standard charging option for everyday use.

Solar Integration:

A standout feature of SolarEdge's EV Chargers is their seamless integration with SolarEdge solar systems. This integration allows users to leverage their solar panels to power their EVs, promoting sustainability and reducing dependence on the grid.

    Smart Charging Capabilities:

      Both the 4.2kW and 22kW models are equipped with smart charging functionalities, optimizing energy consumption based on solar conditions and grid usage. This intelligence ensures efficient charging while maximizing the utilization of self-generated solar power.

      User-Friendly Interface:

      SolarEdge prioritizes user experience, reflected in the user-friendly interfaces of their EV Chargers. The intuitive design simplifies the charging process and allows for easy monitoring of charging activities.

        The Advantages of Off-Grid EV Charging

        Energy Independence:
          One of the primary benefits of off-grid EV charging is the liberation from traditional power grids. Users can tap into their self-generated energy, often sourced from solar panels, reducing dependence on external electricity sources. Off-grid charging with an off-grid EV Charger promotes energy independence by relying on self-generated solar power, reducing dependence on the traditional power grid.

            Cost Savings:
            The integration of solar power for EV charging translates to potential cost savings, Off-grid charging translates to potential cost savings over time. By harnessing renewable energy sources like solar power, users can eliminate or significantly reduce the need to pay for grid electricity, contributing to long-term financial benefits.
              Reduced Environmental Impact:

                Off-grid charging aligns with sustainable practices, contributing to a lower carbon footprint and a more environmentally friendly approach to personal mobility By relying on clean energy sources, users contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly transportation ecosystem.

                Resilience during Power Outages:

                Off-grid charging systems, especially those integrated with energy storage solutions, provide resilience during power outages. This is by far the biggest advantage of an off-grid EV Charger. Users can continue to charge their EVs even when the grid is down, ensuring uninterrupted access to electric mobility.

                Before we talk about price here is a breakdown of the models currently available so you know exactly what you are getting:

                 Solar Integration:  Both models are engineered to seamlessly integrate with SolarEdge solar systems. 

                Smart Charging Capabilities: Both chargers come equipped with smart charging functionalities. These features optimize energy consumption based on solar conditions and grid usage, ensuring efficient charging and maximum utilization of solar energy.

                The Solar Edge EV Charger 22kW Model:

                SolarEdge's EV 22kW model is designed for rapid charging, catering to users with higher energy requirements. With seamless integration with SolarEdge solar systems, it optimizes solar power usage for efficient and sustainable charging.


                • Utilizes excess PV to charge EV
                • Custom scheduling feature, allows for automatic charging during low-rate periods, including at night or during a power outage
                • Suitable for three phase indoor or outdoor installations
                • Control and monitor via the mySolarEdge app, including remote operations, charging schedules, and charging history.
                • G-100 compliant
                • Integrated optional RFID card authentication and MID meter
                • Tamper protected – designed to detect and alert about any tamper attempts
                • Warranty: 3 years


                  • Nominal AC Output Voltage: 3 x 230 / 400
                  • Protection Rated: IP54
                  • Compatible Inverters: All SetApp-enabled residential inverters up to SE15K, excluding the Single Phase Inverter with
                  • Communication Interface: Ethernet 1, Ethernet 2, WLAN/WI-FI supported modes
                  • Cable Length (for variants with cable): 6m 
                  • Dimensions: 260 x 580 x 390 (H x W x D) 

                  The Solar Edge EV Charger 4.2kW Model:

                  The 4.2kW model is a versatile option for everyday charging needs. It provides a standard charging solution while still offering the benefits of solar integration and off-grid capabilities.

                  • Use excess solar power to charge EV
                  • Monitor and control PV and EV from a single app
                  • Customize charging schedule for automatic charging during low-rate periods
                  • G100 Issue 2 Amendment 2 compliant
                  • Tamper protection and protection from main circuit breaker tripping
                  • Dynamic balancing of charging power output
                  • Mode 3 charger combining PV and grid electricity
                  • Tethered 6m Type 2 cable included
                  • Smart-scheduling for use with Time-of-Use (TOU) rates — charge from the grid during off-peak hours
                  • Manual TOU – schedule one off events
                  • Track PV EV and grid consumption
                  • Warranty: 3 years

                  Installation Requirements

                  • Must install an Earth Electrode
                  • Residential systems only
                  • Maximum of three per site 
                  • Must be installed with a system that contains an inverter and meter
                  • Installed vertically on an appropriate wall surface
                  • Options to communicate with the cloud and inverter via the local network router:
                    • 1. Ethernet
                    • 2. LSA+
                    • 3. Wi-Fi


                    • Phases" 1 Phase
                    • EV Power Rating: kW7.4
                    • Dimensions: 260 x 764 x 385 (H x W x D)

                    SolarEdge EV Charger Price:

                    While the exact pricing details may vary, the cost of SolarEdge EV Chargers is influenced by factors such as model specifications and features. It is recommended to check the official SolarEdge website. As an authorized seller ITS Technologies ensure that items are competitively priced. 

                      Conclusion: SolarEdge's commitment to innovation in renewable energy solutions shines through in its off-grid EV chargers. The EV 22kW and 4.2kW models are user-friendly and a good option for electric vehicle owners. With regard to the SolarEdge EV charger price, please click here.

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