Best inverter with battery for home

Best inverter with battery for home

If you're looking for the best inverter with battery for home use, Sunsynk's Lifelynk all in one hybrid inverter with battery is the way to go.

It combines the power of a hybrid system with the portability of a battery in one compact, user-friendly model and there's more...the price is right.

The genius of Lifelynk lies not only in its capacity but also in its streamlined design. Sunsynk has removed the need for unnecessary components like switches, fuses, and isolators. It’s not that they are hidden or incorporated in some way. They simply do not exist.

The Lifelynk X 3.6kW all in one Hybrid Inverter with 3.84kwh battery is an excellent alternative if:

  • a traditional system is not feasible or,
  • price is a significant consideration.
While the Lifelynk isn't designed to replace a current system, you can certainly use it as an add-on.  

As we've said the most refreshing feature is its cost-effectiveness. You're getting an all-in-one system that maximizes energy usage, reduces wastage, and saves money. 

From a safety perspective, if you suddenly find yourself without electricity the AC fuse protector automatically pops out for you to reset. This inverter with battery for home, can be used with the Sunsynk Connect app to monitor and manage your usage.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback once it's installed!

For a close up look watch the first few minutes of this YouTube clip: 

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