How Energy Efficient is GivEnergy's EV Charger?

How Energy Efficient is GivEnergy's EV Charger?


Key stats:

GivEnergy's EV charger can reduce charging times compared to standard chargers. Since it is equipped with a smart charging feature, you can schedule charging during off-peak hours to take advantage of lower electricity rates. 

The interface is intuitively designed so it's easy to monitor the charging status and control charging settings. You can also control it via a mobile app.

If you're a solar homeowner, you'll love this feature -- it's exceptionally compatibility with solar panels. You can capitalize on your solar investment by charging your vehicle during peak sunlight hours. This not only allows you to lower your reliance on grid electricity but also to charge your EV in an eco-friendly way. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy during daylight hours.
  2. This energy is stored in the solar batteries or utilized immediately for home devices.
  3. When connected to the solar system, GivEnergy's EV Charger permits any surplus energy (i.e., energy not being used by home appliances) to be redirected for vehicle charging.

Optimal Time Usage

The optimal usage time for GivEnergy's EV Charger isn't at a specific hour of the day. It is configured to charge your EV when there is excess power available from your solar panels.  If your solar panels generate more energy between midday or afternoon - instead of wasting that surplus energy, it gets directed towards charging your electric vehicle. This essentially gives you the benefit of 'free' vehicle charging. Or you can program it to fit your personal schedule and energy usage habits.

If you commute a great deal, EV charging stations make it super convenient. As an aside the GivEnergy's EV charger comes with a universal connector making it suitable for use with most EV models.

Before you frantically start searching EV charge stations near me, car data says that an EV owner needs to top up every 150-200 miles traveled. This takes around 15 minutes. The average UK motorist drives 8000 miles or less per year. That's 150 miles or less per week, 20 miles per day. The average EV covers 200 miles on a single charge.

The best time to use GivEnergy's EV Charger depends heavily on your electricity tariff and whether or not you have solar panels. 

The charger's software is regularly updated to maintain compatibility with newer EV models that hit the market. 


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