Givenergy cloud and GiveBack

Givenergy cloud and GiveBack

Research is the most important part before committing to any program. So, let's look a little further if you are considering signing up for the Giveback program with GivEnergy. 

    Crunching the Numbers

    Deciding whether to switch to GivEnergy's Giveback Program is a personal decision that depends on your specific circumstances. How does your current energy program compare to the Giveback Program? 

    Firstly, consider how much you're currently paying for energy. Then take into account the amount of energy you produce if you have solar panels. Some energy providers only offer a meager rate for surplus energy that you feed back to the grid. The Giveback Program rates look quite competitive for your excess energy. Do you tend to produce more energy than you consume? If so, GivEnergy's Giveback scheme could provide a significant boost to your savings. 

    Secondly, assess the level of service that you're getting. How is customer service and tech support with your current provider? Granted, there are teething problems with a new program, so speak to current GivBack members and get their honest take. 

    Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. But if you're looking for a greener option that rewards you for your excess power then the Giveback Program just might be the right fit for you.

    Axle Energy's Partnership with GivEnergy

    Axle Energy's collaboration with GivEnergy plays a significant role in the program, influencing several aspects that impact GivEnergy owners and users. 

    Axle Energy is a prominent market player in selling, installing, and maintaining renewable energy products and solutions. The most apparent role of Axle Energy is in the technical integration of GivEnergy systems for Giveback program participants. Axle Energy services the energy management system. 

    Another significant benefit of Axle Energy's role in the GivEnergy Giveback program is their customer support and service, something that is of huge importance. We've noticed that they have had Q&A sessions on instagram live and seem very approachable.

    Many GivEnergy system owners have chosen to join the Giveback program and have had varied experiences. The program can pose some challenges in terms of setup and operation, which may impact user experience. 
    • Technology Concerns: Some users found the GivEnergy monitoring platform to be complex. These individuals preferred simpler solutions with fewer variables to track.
    • Customer Service Experience: A handful of responses reported delays in customer service response times, causing concern for those needing immediate assistance.

    Impact on Your Pocket

    The Cost Aspects 

    The initial cost outlay for the GivEnergy Giveback program may seem considerably high, especially if you're making the switch from a more traditional energy system. This cost primarily covers the installation of the GivEnergy storage system and integration into your existing setup. 

      Comparative Analysis 

      Comparatively, if you're already signed up to another solar power scheme, it's essential to gauge the value you're currently getting versus what the GivEnergy Giveback program offers. Factors to consider would include the cost of switching, direct comparison of benefits and payback period. 

       Here's a sample cost-benefit analysis: 

      Aspect Current Plan GivEnergy Giveback
      Initial Investment £______ £______
      Monthly Savings £______ £______
      Additional Revenue £______ (if any) £______ (from selling back to grid)
      Payback Period ______ years

      ______ years

      Watch this great YouTube clip where Daniel Coe takes you through the Givenergy cloud and sign-up explanation on Giveback. 

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