Octopus Energy Tariffs - The Low Down

Octopus Energy Tariffs - The Low Down
In this article we focus specifically on GivEnergy's Octopus Agile Tariff.

GivEnergy's Octopus Agile Program integrates GivEnergy's renewable energy storage solutions with Octopus Energy's Agile tariff.  The Octopus Agile tariff pricing model changes based on supply and demand of electricity in the grid.

The Agile program has a smart app that allows you to monitor and control your energy usage in real-time providing you with good data on your family's usage patterns. 

Pros Cons
pricing adjusted every half hour must have compatible hard and software 
integrates with many home automation systems fluctuating prices may not suit everyone 
detailed usage enables you to manage consumption better if you cannot align your energy usage with the off peak hours you may end up paying more 


Customer Feedback

While customer satisfaction with the Octopus Agile Program is generally high, some customers have expressed frustration with its complexity and the need to constantly monitor energy prices. There are a number of savvy Facebook groups set up specifically for GivEnergy users. These community members can be very helpful in sharing tips and solutions to some of the challenges they may have experienced.

For example members of the group will share specific information about other apps that work well with the Octopus Agile Program. These app provides users with detailed insights into their energy usage, and can be set up to automatically adjust energy consumption based on the Agile tariff's pricing.

You can also make use of smart thermostats like Nest or Hive. These work in harmony with the Octopus Agile Program. These devices can adjust heating and cooling schedules based on the Agile tariff, ensuring that homes are heated or cooled during the cheapest times of the day.

Which ever Octopus energy tariff you are inclined to sign on with, it's a very satisfying feeling to see the benefits.  

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