SolarEdge monitoring your inverter

SolarEdge monitoring your inverter
    Some SolarEdge Inverter facts:

The SolarEdge range begins with small scale residential setups (3-11.4kW), to larger commercial ones (up to 100kW). There are three distinct inverter series: 

  • Single Phase: Ideal for residential use, these inverters range from 3 to 11.4 kW. They are highly efficient, compact, and easy to install.
  • Three Phase: More suited to commercial and large residential installations, the power range for these inverters extends from 4kW up to 100kW.
  • Energy Hub: These hybrid inverters allow for the integration of solar and energy storage, with a power range from 3 to 20 kW. They're designed for increased energy independence and resilience.

This inverter includes add-ons such as the SolarEdge optimisers. These enhance the function and efficiency of your solar power system, enabling it to cope even when facing shading issues or complex roof layouts.

Compatibility and Monitoring

Regardless of whether you've opted for monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, or even concentrated PV cell panels, a SolarEdge inverter can handle it. These inverters are designed to work with various brands of solar panels and batteries. This gives you a broad market to choose from and provides greater flexibility when designing and implementing your solar power system.

As always, ITS Technologies caution you to check the specific compatibility of your chosen model with your desired solar panel or battery system. 

mySolarEdge, is an easy to use app that acts as the eyes and ears of the SolarEdge PV system. You can monitor the system performance from anywhere, track your consumption patterns, control smart home devices on-the-go, and configure inverter communications. 

The app is available for free download from the Android and iOS app stores.


SolarEdge guarantees its inverters with a standard 12-year warranty for their single-phase inverters. 

Their extended warranty policy allows you to upgrade the coverage period on selected models to a whopping 20 or 25 years for single-phase inverters. You would need to purchase the warranty extension before your "active" warranty runs out. 

Note:  The SolarEdge warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect installation or usage, or by external factors like lightning or flooding. It is essential to ensure a certified solar installer carries out the installation process to maintain the validity of this warranty. 

The bottom line, SolarEdge is a great system and works seamlessly with all SolarEdge products or with compatible brands.


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