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For those that are serious about battery storage the GSL All In One on and off grid system will be the one for you.

GSL is one of the leading, innovative battery storage manufacturers in the world. With over 16 years of manufacturing lithium Lifepo4 batteries supplying to over 123 countries across the globe, the all in one system is available exclusively to the UK market through ITS Technologies.

The GSL All In One operates in either on or off grid mode and can charger either from the grid such as Economy 7 or Octopus Go or from solar. 

The 5.5kw hybrid inverter can take up to 6500w of solar and a charge rate of up to 5500w set at 100A. Please note the inverter is pre-programmed to 80A, it can only be increased to 100A for maximum charge rate of the inverter is well ventilated and kept cool.


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