300W Perlight Delta Mono PERC Triple Black 54 Cell £112 +VAT

£134.40 incl. VAT

300W Perlight Delta Mono PERC Triple Black 54 Cell £112 +VAT

£134.40 incl. VAT
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300W Perlight Delta Mono PERC Triple Black 54 Cell

#2: PLM-300MB-54

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Please check minimum order quantity prior to ordering as this varies depending on the specific panel.

Minimum order for this panel: 4 panels. 

For orders with no minimum please visit our Single Panels page.

Other panels have a minimum order of 3 - 5 panels.

*Collections are not permitted due to health & safety regulations*

The Triple Black DELTΔ SERIES 54 SERIES 54 cell module from Perlight has proven extremely popular in the UK due to its sleek looks and diminutive size.

It is completely black with black busbars, a black back sheet and a black frame, which when installed in arrays, offers a more uniform appearance, enabling PV modules to integrate into new and existing buildings without necessarily making the array the focal point.

Not just aesthetically pleasing, the 295W Delta Black Monocrystalline module has PERC technology which essentially enables to improve light capture near the rear surface and to optimize electrons capture.

This module continues the trend from Perlight of well made, good looking products that offer outstanding value for money.

30 Year Product Warranty & 30 Performance Warranty.

  • Rating: 300W
  • Efficiency: 19.9%
  • Width: 1,002mm
  • Height: 1,504mm
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Vmpp: 29.82 V
  • Voc: 37.65 V
  • Impp: 10.06 A
  • Isc: 10.66 A
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Temp Coefficient (Mpp): -0.4%
  • Clamp position on panel: long and short side
  • Connector Type: MC4
  • Panel size: Oversized

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