Alpha Smile B3 Parallel Connection Expansion Battery 2.9kWh IP65, charge from Economy 7 or Octopus Go £1,047+vat


Alpha Smile B3 Parallel Connection Expansion Battery 2.9kWh IP65, charge from Economy 7 or Octopus Go £1,047+vat

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Product description

Alpha Smile 3 Parallel Connection Expansion Battery 2.9kWh IP65 96% D.O.D
#1: ALPH-M4856-P-IP65

*Collections are not permitted due to health & safety regulations*

Suitable for charging from the grid such as on Economy 7 or Octopus Go. For detailed explanation of how to maximise Economy 7 and the essential information needed to work out which battery storage options is best for you please visit our page - Understaning Economy 7

Alpha ESS 3000W all in one 2.9kWh battery storage & AC charger available here.

Up to 5 expansion batteries per charger
10,000 life cycles
10yr battery warranty

The Alpha SMILE B3 is an AC coupled all-in-one battery energy storage system (3kW/2.9kWh) suitable for both new and retrofit installations.

2.9kWh Storage capacity can be further increased up to 17.4kWh, by adding additional up to 5x Alpha ESS expansion battery modules.

AlphaHome features

- Fully integrated home energy solution
- Visibility on performance of each component
- Life-long free upgrade
- Open platform for IoT (Internet of Things)
- Pioneering human–machine interaction powered by Amazon

It can help to achieve the optimal usage of renewable energy and can control the bi-directional flow of electric power, work under auto/manual & time-of-use (TOU) modes and charge/discharge the battery as per homeowners setting.

Market leading quality, without the corresponding price tag, the Alpha SMILE B3 offers cloud monitoring, modular format for expansion at a later date, 96% DoD, superb performance and long life-span.

This storage unit comes supplied with 2 x CTs for monitoring Production and Consumption.

PLEASE NOTE: As per Alpha ESS Warranty document “It is required that all systems to have internet connection for monitoring. For those systems that are not connected to the internet the warranty is then reduced to 3 years. “ In order to connect the storage system to Alpha ESS monitoring portal, an installer ‘License Number’ is required.

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