Fox ESS 5.0kW AC Charger Inverter with ECS2900 (A) Battery stack of 2 (5.76kWh) £2,178 +VAT

£2,613.95 incl. VAT

Fox ESS 5.0kW AC Charger Inverter with ECS2900 (A) Battery stack of 2 (5.76kWh) £2,178 +VAT

£2,613.95 incl. VAT
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Product description

Fox ESS High Voltage complete kit: Cube HV ECM2900 5.76kWh  & Fox AC 5.0kW charger

 #2: FE-AC1-5.0-ECS2900-2-SL

Complete kit includes:

1 x Fox ECS 2.88kWh HV Battery (Master)-V2.0 Connector A FE-HV-ECM-2900-4A2C  
1 x  Fox ECS 2.88kWh HV Battery (Slave)-V2.0 Connector A  FE-HV-ECS-2900-4A2C  
1 x  Fox AC 5.0kW Charger Inverter FE-AC1-5.0


 Fox ECS 2.88kWh HV Battery -V2.0 (1x Master 1x Slave)

Energy cube is a high-performance, scalable battery storage system. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility, making it suitable for a broad range of storage applications. Additional batteries can be installed in series, allowing for a maximum storage capacity of 20.16 kWh. Installation is easy, with a plug and play solution that can save valuable time for installers. 

  • 2.88kWh Capacity
  • Scalable to 20.16kWh 
  • 90% Depth of Discharge
  • Wide Temperature Tolerence
  • Easy Installation
  • CAN/RS485 Communication
  • High Voltage 

The quick & easy install feature allows for more ECS2900 battery modules to be added post installation.

  • Weight: 37.95kg
  • Rated Power: 2,880
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Nominal Energy: 2880 Wh
  • Depth of discharge: 90.00 %
  • Voltage: 52 V
  • Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use): 1,440 W
  • Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes): 2,880 W
  • Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds): 3,000 W
  • Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes): 2,880 W

Charger - Fox AC 5.0kW

The Fox system is easy to install and will save you time spent on installation. Remote monitoring is also available via your smartphone or web portal.

  • Weight: 25kg
  • Rated Power: 5,000 W
  • Uses high voltage batteries FE-HV2600 
  • High round-trip efficiency of 97% BMS unit required 2 x HV2600 batteries minimum
  • Compatible with all HV Fox battery range - so long as Master and Slave same size
  • IP65 rated - suitable for outdoor installations
  • Remote monitoring via web portal or smartphone
  • Easy to expand battery capacity

CT Clamps included 

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