Fox ESS LV52 5.12kWh 48V Battery Module £1,211 + VAT

£1,456.80 incl. VAT

Fox ESS LV52 5.12kWh 48V Battery Module £1,211 + VAT

£1,456.80 incl. VAT
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Fox ESS LV5200 5.12kWh 48V Battery Module

#1: FE-LV52

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Compatible AC coupled charger:

Solis 3.0kW 5G RAI Energy Storage AC Coupled inverter (SOL-3.0K-RAI-48ES-5G-AC-V2)

Compatible Hybrid inverter battery chargers:

Solis 3.0kW Hybrid 5G Inverter (SOL-3K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC)
Solis 3.6kW Hybrid 5G Inverter (SOL-3.6K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC)

Solis 5.0kW Hybrid 5G Inverter (SOL-5K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC)

Solis 6.0kW Hybrid 5G Inverter (SOL-6K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC)

*Collections are not permitted due to health & safety regulations*

The LV52 are high-performance, scalable, low-voltage battery storage modules. Rated life span of more than 6,000 cycles. Storage capacity is expandable to 42.56Wh. 95% charge/discharge efficiency. Easy, plug and play installation. 

  • 90% Depth of Discharge
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance
  • Easy Installation
  • ≥6000 Life Cycles
  • CAN/RS485 Communication
  • Low Voltage

Please note: The standard warranty on the product is 5 years but it could be extended to 10 years in total after successful registration on the Fox website below.


Weight: 54 kg
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Nominal Energy: 5120 Wh
Depth of discharge: 90.00 %
Voltage: V
Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use): 5000 W
Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes): 5000 W
Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds): 7500 W
Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes): 5000 W


The LV52 and the LV54 ARE compatible with each other.

The LV52 is not compatible with the LV5200

When installing 2-4 batteries,  two combiner box's (FE-JUNBOX-LV) will be required.

Please note: The CAN cable currently shipped with the Fox ESS LV54 battery is made-up at one end only (the battery end). The Installer will need to make up the cable at the inverter end.

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