Huawei 3.68kW HV hybrid storage inverter L1 £543 +VAT

£651.60 incl. VAT

Huawei 3.68kW HV hybrid storage inverter L1 £543 +VAT

£651.60 incl. VAT
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Product description

Huawei 3.68kW HV hybrid storage inverter L1

#1: SUN3.68KTL-L1

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*Collections are not permitted due to health & safety regulations*

Huawei Fusion Home SUN2000L1 - 3/ 3.68 / 5 / 6KTL

The Smart Energy Controller (SUN2000- 3 / 3.68 / 5 / 6KTL-L1) is Huawei new single-Phase inverter and is direct compatible with their own Huawei Luna battery

Product Features

  • Direct compatible with Luna battery and is Plug and Play and no extra devices is needed
  • AI Self leaning new arc detection
  • Is compatible with the Sun2000-450W-P optimizer
  • Simple commissioning by APP
  • Auto-detection of system equipment
  • Registering your plant by scanning any device
  • Energy Flow illustration
  • Real-time data at anytime and anywhere
  • Performance data back-up
  • Physical & logical module layout
  • Module -level performance monitoring
  • Smart I-V Diagnosis
  • Smart dongle Plug and Play (LAN or 4G dongle available)
  • Smart dongle support up to 10 inverters
  • IP65

Can be installed without batteries as 'battery ready'

Max 3 batteries per inverter


Supplier Part No: 1075349
Weight: 12 kg
Rated Power: 3,680 W
Min PPT Voltage: 90 V
Max PPT Voltage: 560 V
DC Startup Voltage: 100 V
DC Shutdown Voltage: 90 V
Max Input Voltage: 600 V
Max DC Power: 5,520 W
Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 3,700 W
Surge AC Power (1 Second): 3,701 W
Max DC Current: 25 A
Max DC Inputs: 2
Has DC Fuses: 0
Connector: Amphenol H4
Included Connectors: 2
Euro Efficiency: 97.3 %
Transformer: None
MPPT Quantity : 2
Has Integrated DC Switch: Yes

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