PylonTech US3000C 3.5kWh 95% D.O.D Battery Storage £1,060+vat


PylonTech US3000C 3.5kWh 95% D.O.D Battery Storage £1,060+vat

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PylonTech US3000C 3.5kWh Li-Ion Solar & wind Battery Storage D.O.D of 95%
#0: RS
#1: PYLON-US3000C Storage Systems - Li-ion Battery Pack
#2: Pylon 3.5kwh US3000 C Li-ion Battery

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Compatible AC coupled charger:

Solis 3.0kW 5G RAI Energy Storage AC Coupled inverter (SOL-3.0K-RAI-48ES-5G-AC-V2)

Compatible Solis Hybrid inverter battery chargers:

Solis 3.0kW Hybrid 5G Inverter (SOL-3K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC)
Solis 3.6kW Hybrid 5G Inverter (SOL-3.6K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC)

Solis 5.0kW Hybrid 5G Inverter (SOL-5K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC)

Solis 6.0kW Hybrid 5G Inverter (SOL-6K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC)

Required to build a kit:

Long cable for connecting the master battery to a battery charger. (Short cable for connecting batteries is included) 

Keto fuse disconnector

The next generation of affordable, reliable storage has arrived. Pylontech's US2000B and US3000 batteries have been a frequent choice for prudent installers who value reliability, wide compatibility and ease of use. Now Pylontech have released an enhanced version of both 2.4kWh and 3.5kWh Li-ion units with impressive features.

In a nutshell the new US2000C and US3000C batteries offer a higher depth of discharge - now a staggering 95% - and 16 units can be installed in parallel - double the capacity than before!

The US3000C is an HESS solar battery system provided by Pylontech, developed with their own lithium iron phosphate cell to ensure the highest safety value and most promising life cycle. A self designed BMS protects the cell from abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC and SoH.

The Pylontech US3000C has an incredible DoD of 95%.

- Vertical industry integration ensures cycle life of 6000 cycles
- Compact and fashionable design fits in your home environment
- Deliver up to 3.5kW* with single module (3.5kWh) - * please note this value is inverter/charger dependant, typically the maximum sustained value is 1.8kW per battery
- Modular design gives the end customers the power of choice of capacity
- Compatible with large number of Hybrid inverters
- Simple buckle fixing minimize the installation time and cost
- Provides pre-charge function to protect ESS system from surge current.
- Up to 16 units can be stacked in parallel

You can now register the Pylon US3000C for an additional 3 years of manufacturer warranty for free. Go to Pylontech Service Support and complete the information in the 'sign up battery' page. 

The US3000C can be used to expand an existing US3000 bank. Please note, the US3000C needs to be used as the master battery when used to expand an existing US3000 bank.

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