Solar Edge S1400-MC4 Inverters - Optimisers £82 +VAT

* The minimum order quantity for this product is 4 units.
£98.90 incl. VAT

Solar Edge S1400-MC4 Inverters - Optimisers £82 +VAT

* The minimum order quantity for this product is 4 units.
£98.90 incl. VAT
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SolarEdge S1400-MC4 Inverters - Optimisers

#2: S1400-MC4

#4: S1400-1GMZMBWD 

Pdf free icon SE S1400 Optimiser  Datasheet

SolarEdge’s most powerful and compact Power Optimizer specifically designed for commercial and large field installations.

Minimum order: 4 Units


  • High efficiency (99.5%) with module-level MPPT, for maximized system energy production and revenue, and fast project ROI
  • Supports up to 700W and 20A high power and current modules, including bifacial and G12 modules
  • Maximum Protection with Built-In Safety
  • Designed to automatically reduce high DC voltage to touch-safe levels, upon grid/inverter shutdown, with SafeDC™
  • Includes SolarEdge Sense Connect, for connector-level monitoring during production to detect overheating due to installation issues or wear and tear
  • Lower BoS Costs with Flexible Design
  • More power with up to 30.4 kW per string for optimal usage of the installation area, enabling up to 2x longer and fewer strings, and 50% fewer cables, fuses, and combiner boxes
  • Compact size and slimmer profile for simple cost-effective installations, especially in challenging spaces
  • Connects to two PV modules in series
  • Module-level system monitoring enabling pinpointed fault detection
  • Remote, time-saving troubleshooting for fewer truck rolls and less time on-site
  • 25 year warranty

Note: S1400 Power Optimizers are rated up to 24A for output current. Therefore, they are NOT suitable to be used with SolarEdge Inverter models that have integrated 25A or 30A DC-fuses. To replace these fuses you will require part number SE-FLD-3PH-NEUTRAL-LINK to allow the S1400 to be compatible with the Manager inverters.


Weight: 1.09 kg
Min PPT Voltage: 12 V
Max PPT Voltage: 125 V
DC Startup Voltage: 12 V
DC Shutdown Voltage: 125 V
Max Input Voltage: 125 V
Max DC Power: 1,400 W
Max DC Current: 20 A
Max DC Inputs: 2
Has DC Fuses: 0
Connector: MC4
Included Connectors: 12
MPPT Quantity : 1
Has Integrated DC Switch: No

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