SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid Inverter 6kWh £1,201 + vat

£1,441.20 incl. VAT

SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid Inverter 6kWh £1,201 + vat

£1,441.20 incl. VAT
Product description

SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid Inverter 6kWh

#1: X1-Hybrid-6.0-D

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SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid 6.0D

This is the 4th generation of the SolaX Hybrid range, retaining all the key features of the 3rd generation while making some welcome improvements.

The X-Hybrid is can also store surplus energy in batteries for later use. It is important to understand that this is a hybrid solar PV inverter and battery storage controller. This means it needs to be sized just like a regular inverter would be and, if it is being retrofitted, will replace the existing inverter.

Key features
  • In-built EPS changeover switch
  • Supports up to 150% oversizing
  • Can work at full capacity down to -35C
  • 30A Charge/discharge capability
  • On-grid and off-grid use
  • Includes WiFi Dongle

AC attributes

  • Max power: 6000W
  • Max current: 28.6A
  • Number of phases: 1

DC attributes

  • Max power: 9000W
  • Max Isc current: 16A
  • Max voltage: 600V
  • Start up voltage: 90V


  • Max efficiency: 97.6%
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Dimensions: 482*417*181mm


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