Electric Charging at home - which is the Best EV Charger?

electric charging at home

As the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to surge in the UK, many environmentally conscious homeowners are seeking ways to optimize their green energy usage. For those who have already embraced solar power at home, integrating the right EV charger becomes crucial. In this we will discuss electric charging at home and the best EV chargers on the market at present. We also explore the best EV chargers for homes with existing solar systems in the UK, delving into their features and benefits. Additionally, we'll highlight the top three EV chargers that stand out for their compatibility with solar-powered homes.

The Synergy of Solar Power and EV Charging:
If you are a homeowner who has already invested in solar panels whether they are on your rooftop or ground mount, well done! You are already contributing to a sustainable energy future. The logical next step is to align your commitment to green living and saving money with your transportation choices. If you are in the market for a new car and are considering an electric vehicle, you need to take into consideration integrating an EV charger that harmonizes or is compatible with your solar system. This will help you to reduce your carbon footprint even more.

Benefits of Combining Solar Power and EV Charging:

Cost Savings:
Solar-powered homes can take advantage of the sun's energy to charge their EVs, minimizing reliance on grid electricity and resulting in potential cost savings.

Green Energy Utilization:
Directing solar-generated electricity towards EV charging enhances the use of clean, renewable energy, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Energy Independence:
Homeowners can achieve a degree of energy independence by harnessing both solar power and EV charging within their residential ecosystem.
While several EV chargers in the UK cater specifically to homes with existing solar systems, at the time of writing, the top 3 EV Chargers for Solar-Powered Homes in the UK were listed as follows:

* SolarEdge EV Charger

* Zappi EV Charger

* Myenergi Zeva Gen 2 

The top three are known for their compatibility, features, and reliability. Here is a brief breakdown of each:

SolarEdge EV Charger:
For homeowners who have a SolarEdge battery and or SolarEdge inverter, this is an obvious choice for a seamless integration with the entire SolarEdge ecosystem, optimizing energy usage. The SolarEdge EV charger also score points for: 

  • Smart charging technology for efficient and cost-effective charging.
  • Remote monitoring and control for user-friendly management.
  • Enhanced efficiency to maximize charging speed and minimize energy losses.

Zappi EV Charger:
The Zappi EV charger was specifically designed for solar PV households Additional features include:

  • Dynamic Load Management for optimal energy distribution.
  • Three charging modes to cater to different user preferences.
  • Real-time energy monitoring and consumption data.

Myenergi ZEVA Gen 2:
In particular the Zeva Gen 2 from my energy has the following features:

  • Intelligent EV charging designed for solar self-consumption.
  • Load balancing to prioritize excess solar energy for EV charging.
  • Compatible with Myenergi's monitoring platform for insights into energy usage.
  • User-friendly app for remote monitoring and control.

Choosing the Best EV Charger for Your Solar-Powered Home:
When selecting an EV charger for a solar-powered home in the UK, consider the following factors:

Ensure the EV charger seamlessly integrates with your existing solar system and can effectively harness solar-generated electricity.
Smart Charging Capabilities:
Opt for chargers equipped with smart technology that can optimize charging based on solar production, electricity tariffs, and grid conditions.
Remote Monitoring and Control:
Look for EV chargers that offer user-friendly interfaces, allowing homeowners to remotely monitor and control the charging process. 
Energy Efficiency:
Prioritize chargers that maximize charging speed while minimizing energy losses, promoting overall efficiency.

In the case of selecting the best EV charger for a home without an existing solar system you need to consider various factors such as charging speed, compatibility, smart features, and user-friendliness. 

Charging SpeedDetermine the charging speed required based on your driving habits and the EV's battery capacity.  Compatibility:  Ensure the charger is compatible with your specific electric vehicle models. Smart Features: Look for chargers with smart functionalities like remote monitoring, scheduling, and energy consumption tracking. Ease of Installation: Consider the installation process, and choose a charger that aligns with your home's electrical setup. Cost: Evaluate the overall cost of the charger, including installation, and consider any available government incentives. Future-Proofing: Choose a charger that supports evolving industry standards, ensuring compatibility with future electric vehicles.

With regards to traveling in Europe with an electric vehicle, it is essential to consider charger compatibility. The majority of chargers in the UK are Type 2 connectors for AC charging and CCS (Combined Charging System) or CHAdeMO for DC fast charging.

Europe, as a whole, has standardized on Type 2 connectors for AC charging, making it convenient for UK EVs. However, for DC fast charging, there are different standards:

CCS (Combined Charging System): Common in Europe and widely supported by UK chargers.
CHAdeMO: Predominantly used by Japanese and some European manufacturers.
To ensure compatibility during European travels, it's advisable to have an EV that supports both Type 2 and the appropriate DC fast charging standard (CCS or CHAdeMO). Additionally, check charging networks like Ionity, Allego, and others for comprehensive coverage.

Always verify the latest information and consider using mobile apps or websites that provide real-time data on charger availability, types, and compatibility during your journey.

For homeowners in the UK seeking to maximize their green energy usage as well as saving on their electricity bills by pursuing electric car charging at home, integrating an EV charger with an existing solar system is a logical and impactful step. Regarding the best EV charger, it is important to research ALL of those on the market. The SolarEdge EV Charger, Zappi EV Charger, and Myenergi ZEVA Gen 2 stand out as top choices, offering compatibility, smart features, and efficient charging capabilities. By making an informed decision based on the unique needs of your solar-powered home, you can seamlessly integrate sustainable practices into both your energy generation and transportation habits, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

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