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Pylontech Battery


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Installation of Pylontech batteries involves connecting the battery modules, ensuring your battery sits correctly in its cabinet or on a rack, and connecting the battery to the energy storage inverter.

Each Pylontech battery module has two types of ports: a power port for connecting the battery cable and a communication port for connecting the communication cable.

The power cables should be connected to the battery's power port and the inverter's battery terminals, while the communication cables should be connected to the battery's communication port and the inverter's communication port.

If you're adding a battery, it involves connecting the power and communication cables of one battery to the corresponding ports of the other.

Why DIY Installation Can Invalidate Your Pylontech Warranty

If you already have a battery and are thinking of adding another, you may be tempted to save costs and do it yourself.  Firstly it's more than just a matter of plugging in cables. But more importantly if you install it yourself you may invalidate the warranty.

Warranty Conditions: Pylontech’s warranty guarantees its batteries for a certain time period, as long as the terms and conditions are followed. One critical condition is that the installation must be completed by a trained professional. This means that if you decide to install the system yourself, the warranty could be void and it could lead to expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

Finding a competent technician is for another discussion but they do exist. 

Safety:  Batteries can be fire hazards if not installed correctly.

Nonetheless here's a basic guide for your own understanding and mistakes to be aware of during an install.  

Navigating Connection Points: Where to Plug Your Cables

When adding a battery for eg. a US5000 to a US2000:

  • Correct Configuration: Your installer should ensure all devices are correctly configured. This includes setting specific values in the inverter settings based on the model and capacity of the battery.
  • System Optimization: Once again an MCS certified technician can optimize the system for peak performance, giving you the best possible return on your investment.

Identify the connection points. Using the example, of adding a US5000 to a US2000, each unit includes two battery cables. These cables are how the units communicate and share power with the rest of your home's electrical system.

There are specific color codes for these cables—red for positive and black for negative.  It's crucial not to get these mixed up to ensure a secure and correct connection. 

Take a look at the back of your Pylontech unit, you'll see terminals labeled “BATT+” and “BATT-“. The cable with the red wire goes to “BATT+” (positive), and the cable with the black wire connects to “BATT-“ (negative). There will be a similar setup for the input terminals as well, labeled "PV+" and "PV-".

The US5000 and the US2000 operate at different voltages. It's important that the cables are connected properly and that the system is is configured accordingly. 

Common Installation Mistakes

Incorrect or loose cabling

You're probably wondering why does cable placement matter so much? Misaligned or incorrect cabling can lead to your batteries not operating optimally. Besides reduced effectiveness of your battery it could lead to serious safety hazards. Always verify the cables are securely connected. 

Software updates

Pylontech batteries work hand-in-hand with their firmware to attain optimal performance. Therefore, it's crucial to always keep your unit up to date. This isn't a task for end-users, your certified Installer should do this for you. 

Misinterpretation of LED status indicators

Each Pylontech model has a unique set of LED indicators. If misunderstood, it can result in missed maintenance, reduced lifespan, or unexpected shutdowns. We strongly recommend consulting your user manual for a comprehensive understanding of these indicators. 


Like any tech equipment, Pylontech batteries have their specific temperature, moisture, and clearance requirements. Failing to meet these could lead to a short lifespan or decreased capacity of the battery. 

Think about Pylon tech installation like piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle. Protect your investment, ensure its longevity, functionality, and safety. 

We've attached Pylontech's operation manual in the link below. 

Pylontech recommends that installation should be carried out by a qualified professional to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations and standards.

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