Solis 4G Dual Tracker Single Phase Inverters

Solis 4G Dual Tracker Single Phase Inverters

Ideal for roofs where there are multiple aspects, or shading is a factor.

Solis have become one of the most popular string inverter manufacturers both in the UK and globally with over 1GW of inverters shipped across the world in 2016 and over 3GW of inverters shipped in 2017. It is because of this success that the inverter technology has been updated to the futureproof 4G series across all single phase units.

4th Generation technology has enabled Solis to design physically smaller units, which is not only appealing to homeowners with the smaller footprint, but also to installers as the unit is lighter and easier to handle. Other features such as built in export limitation (needs CT clamp, sold separately) and Wifi monitoring (optional extra) apps available on iPhone and Android. 

Solis have been awarded the prestigious TOP BRAND PV INVERTERS seal for the third year in a row by EuPD, a neutral, respected market and opinion research organization.

The award "Top Brand PV" represents the success of Solis in Europe who, among other things, have a high level of performance in terms of brand satisfaction, brand loyalty, product quality and advertising efficiency.

4G technology includes many benefits, including:
  • 4th Generation Technology – smaller, lighter, more efficient
  • Dual Tracker – ideal for roofs with shaded areas and for dual aspects
  • Optional Wi-Fi monitoring via iPhone and Android apps
  • All new heat sync design - lower operating temperatures aid efficiency improvements
  • Physically smaller units - simpler to handle and install
  • Export Limitation built in - Requires CT clamp (sold separately)

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