Solaredge Technologies - The Edge on Optimisers

Solaredge Technologies - The Edge on Optimisers


SolarEdge power optimizers are highly efficient. They have been designed to maximize the energy output from your solar panels. The optimisers constantly track the maximum power point (MPPT) of each panel, even under varying sunlight and temperature conditions.

The software algorithms minimize power losses, maximize energy output, and provide advanced monitoring and control capabilities.

The efficiency rate of SolarEdge power optimisers is typically around 98.5% to 99.5%, depending on the specific model. This means that a very small amount of the energy produced by the solar panels is lost during the optimisation process.

How many do you need?

Each solar panel requires one optimiser. This is because SolarEdge Optimizers are designed to maximize the energy output from each individual panel, rather than the entire string or system. For 20 solar panels, you'll need 20 SolarEdge Optimisers.


Regarding compatibility of SolarEdge Optimizers with solar panels, make sure that the power rating of the optimiser either matches or exceeds the power output of the panel. For example, if your solar panel has a power output of 300W, you should choose a SolarEdge Optimiser that can handle at least 300W.

Take into account that the string voltage must be within the optimizer's operating voltage range. The total string voltage is the sum of the maximum power point voltage of all the panels in the string. This total should not exceed the maximum input voltage of the your inverter.

It's generally not recommended to use different optimiser models within the same string. This is because each optimiser model has a specific maximum and minimum input voltage, and mixing models could potentially lead to an imbalance in the string. This imbalance could reduce the overall efficiency of your solar system.

The reason we at ITS Technologies love recommending SolarEdge Optimisers is because although they are designed to work with SolarEdge inverters, you can use them with other inverters.


SolarEdge Optimisers have a long lifespan (around 25 to 30 years). Additionally, SolarEdge provides a 25-year warranty for their power optimisers.

We encourage you to check before you purchasing that the optimisers you are after are the correct model for your panels and system configuration. We're a phone call or email away to check.


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