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Try The New Renusol Design Tool

A valuable contribution to renewable energy growth with important features for UK users.

Renusol, supplier of reliable and high-quality mounting systems, recently launched the third generation of their design tool, PV Configurator.

The design tool itself is incredibly fast - an experienced user can create a complete project report in only 90 seconds! Also, by precisely determining the components, unnecessary parts are eliminated saving installation time and cost.

In terms of safety, Renusol remains the leader, for example: the implementation of UK specific pressure coefficients for wind loads from BRE 489 2014 leads to realistic loads and at the same time to more economical designs. No other mounting supplier offers this feature in their design software.


  • User specific module manager: create and implement your own solar module collection
  • Designs can be accessed from the UK specific technical support team for additional support if needed
  • Create designs with a number of different mounting systems for a wide selection of roof coverings and roof types
  • Drawing function from Google Maps
  • Simple editing of module fields
  • Detailed assembly plans that can easily be read on the construction site
  • The user can produce a full detailed report, or CAD drawing of the layout of the system, or a bill of materials

The Renusol range covers every situation, here's a quick overview:
VS+ Variosole - a universal mounting system for solar on pitched roofs
MS+ Metasole - a PV mounting system for horizontal (landscape) installation on trapeziodal & corrugated metal sheet
MS+P Metasole - PV mounting system for vertical (portrait) installation on trapezoidal metal sheet.
TS+ Trisole - a triangular mounting system for PV that adds tilt (if the roof has a low pitch)

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