Libbi 3.68kW Hybrid + 15kWh Battery All in one Battery Storage System £7,264 +VAT

£8,190.00 incl. VAT

Libbi 3.68kW Hybrid + 15kWh Battery All in one Battery Storage System £7,264 +VAT

£8,190.00 incl. VAT
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Libbi 3.68kW Hybrid + 15kWh Battery All in one Battery Storage System#3: 4714




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Introducing the Libbi, myenergi's latest hybrid inverter and battery bundle. With a capacity of 3.68kW, this innovative hybrid inverter ensures seamless integration across all myenergi devices. The Libbi is designed to accommodate up to 4 batteries in parallel, offering an impressive total energy storage capacity of up to 20kWh. Notably, this product also features an optional emergency power supply (EPS) backup, providing a reliable power source during blackouts.

libbi isn't just a battery system, it's eco smart. This means it makes intelligent decisions about when it provides and stores electricity based on how much energy you use, how much you generate with your solar and the electricity tariff you use.

libbi is modular by design. Each module can store up to 5kWh of electricity, so combining 4 of them together would provide up to 20kWh of storage.


  • Your surplus self generated electricity, decreasing your dependency on the electricity grid


  • The best time to capture grid electricity at its cheapest, based around your time of use tariff


  • With your myenergi devices, prioritising stored electricity to power your home, eddi or zappi 

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 3.68kW Libbi Inverter
  • 3 x 5kWh Libbi Home Battery
  • 1 x Myenergi Controller
  • 1 x 15kWh Cable Expansion Kit
  • Myenergi Ecosystem - Integrates with your myenergi devices, prioritising power to your home, eddi or zappi.
  • Ultimate Control - The libbi gives you the option to charge solely from solar or through the grid or a mixture of the 2. It also has the capability optimise grid charging around your energy tariff.
  • Remote Access - The myenergi app allows you to access and contorl your libbi and other myenergi devices from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to monitor live import and export to from and to the grid.
  • Modular battery storage - Each battery module can store 5kWh of energy. This is scalable up to 4 batteries, offering a total maximum capacity of 20kWh
  • Flexible Install - The libbi works as both an AC and DC coupled battery system with solar PV and can also work as a battery inverter without any PV at all.
  • Optional Blackout Back Up - Instant energy available to a dedicated socket or lighting circuit in the event of a power cut.

AC Output
Max power - 3680W
Max current - 16A
Number of phases - 1

Max efficiency - 97.6%
IP rating - IP65
Built in protection - AC and DC surge protection Type II, arc fault
Export limitations - Possible using CT or meter
Weight - 32kg
Dimensions - 40 x 590 x 240mm
Communication- 1 x LAN port, RJ45 connector
Warranty - 5 years

DC attributes (Inverter)
Number of MPPT -2
V range of MPPT- 120 - 550V
Max power -4800W
Max current - 18A
Max voltage - 580V
Start up voltage - 130V

DC Attributes (Battery Input)
Max charge current - 50A
Max discharge current - 80A
Max charge power - 3000W
Max discharge power - 4000W
Nominal batt voltage - 51.2V
Battery Type - LiFePO4

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