New Solar Technologies is a division of ITS Technologies that serves as a specialized sourcing agent dedicated to introducing the most advanced solar and renewable energy technologies to the market.

Our expertise lies in sourcing, negotiating, and supplying revolutionary technologies that are not yet widely available, thereby creating opportunities for installers, distributors & EPC's to leverage these groundbreaking innovations.

The first product in our portfolio is a revolutionary 300W Flexible Solar panel featuring an impressive 16.6% module efficiency, lightweight design, and exceptional durability. Unlike traditional Silicon-based panels prone to micro-cracks, this panel utilizes patented non-Silicon cells, safeguarding against micro-cracks that often lead to significant energy loss and costly replacements. This protection ensures the long-term viability of solar projects.

Moreover, this Flexible Solar panel is encased in a robust laminate for added resilience and extended lifespan. Backed by a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee, it offers unmatched reliability. Its adaptable design is tailored to fit structures with load limits and curved surfaces seamlessly.

With a mere 2.8 Kg/sqm weight and 80% reduction compared to conventional panels, our Flexible Solar panel not only minimizes installation complexities but also slashes costs by up to 50%, benefiting overall project economics. It's the go-to solution for projects where traditional panels are impractical or inefficient.


Additional exciting products are in the pipeline and are expected to be available 3rd to 4th quarter 2024.

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