405W Q Cells G11 M Black Framed Mono solar panel

£144.00 incl. VAT

405W Q Cells G11 M Black Framed Mono solar panel

£144.00 incl. VAT
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405W Q Cells G11 M Black Framed Mono solar panel

#2: 405W Q Cells G11 M Black Framed Mono

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These 405W panels come with a strong selection of attractive features, notably QCells' Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology which delivers a module efficiency of up to 21.4%.


Key features:

  • Q.ANTUM DUO Z: this technology combines with DUO cell separation, using round connecting wires and zero-gap cell interconnection to ensure a higher power generation
  • Innovative all-weather technology: optimal yields, whatever the weather and excellent low-light and temperature behaviour
  • Enduring high performance: long-term yield security with Anti-LID technology, Anti-PID technology, Hot-Spot Protect, and Traceable Quality Tra.Q
  • Extreme weather rating: high-tech alloy frame, certified for 5400Pa snow loads and 4000Pa wind loads
  • Guaranteed quality: Q CELLS is the first solar module manufacturer to pass the most comprehensive quality programme in the industry, the new ¢€œQuality Controlled PV¢€ of the independent certification institute TƒœV Rheinland

Peak power: 405W
Vmpp: 31.22V
Voc: 37.18V
Impp: 12.97A
Isc: 13.57A
Weight: 21.2 kg
Dimensions: 1692 x 1134 x 30mm
Product warranty: 12 years
Warranty on output: 25 years
Efficiency: 21.4%

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