GivEnergy 3.6kW Gen 3 Hybrid PV Battery Inverter charges from the grid, IP65 £1,021 +VAT

£1,225.24 incl. VAT

GivEnergy 3.6kW Gen 3 Hybrid PV Battery Inverter charges from the grid, IP65 £1,021 +VAT

£1,225.24 incl. VAT
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GivEnergy 3.6kW Gen 3 Hybrid PV Battery Inverter charges from the grid

3: GIV-HY-3.6-G3

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Kit includes items required specifically for the Gen 3 hybrid:

1 x GIV-HY-3.6-G3 GivEnergy 3.6kW Gen 3 Hybrid 

1 x GIV-PE-KIT-G3 Earth bonding kit

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Suitable for charging from Economy 7 such as Octopus Go. For detailed explanation of how to maximise Economy 7 essential information to work out which battery storage options is best for you please visit - Understaning Economy 7

GivEnergy design and manufacture their own inverters, batteries and state-of-the-art management system and monitoring platform which combine to offer an exceptional storage package.

The third generation of the GivEnergy Hybrid inverter is a DC-coupled storage solution which allows you to seemlessly integrate battery storage into PV systems. 

The Givenergy Gen 3 hybrid inverter offers all of the benefits of the Givenergy Gen 2 hybrid inverter while benefiting from a cleaner design discretely enclosing the connection ports. Additionally, the Gen 3 has an increased max input current per string of 15A allowing for higher current panels to be utilised in your system designs and an increased MPPT range.


    • Inbuilt WiFi and LAN: Includes in-built WiFi and LAN for a hard-wired network connection.
    • Higher Charge/Discharge Rate: High efficiency, high battery discharge rates of up to 3.6kW.
    • Flexible Rate Tariff: Charge the battery off peak where its cleaner, greener and less costly, then discharge the battery during peak times for maximum saving.
    • 5 Year Warranty: Supplied with a full manufacturers warranty, extendable to 10 years. GivEnergy's UK team are on hand to help you should any issues arise.

    AC attributes
    Max power: 3.6kW
    Max current: 16A
    Number of phases: 1
    DC attributes:
    Max PV power: 7.5kW
    Max Isc: 20A
    Max I (per string): 15A
    Max voltage: 580V
    Start up voltage: 150V
    No. of MPPTs: 2
    MPPT Range: 120-550V
    Battery type: LiFePO4
    Battery voltage range: 45-58V
    Charge / discharge current: 65A / 81A
    Max. Charge/Discharge: 3300W / 3600W
    Backup Terminal Parameters (AC):
    Nominal AC output power: 3600W
    Nominal voltage: 230Vac
    Max. output current: 16A
    Automatic switch time: 10ms
    Max efficiency: 97.6%
    Charge / discharge efficiency: 94% / 94%
    IP rating: IP65
    Weight: 32kg
    Dimensions: 588*214*480mm
    Key features:

    • In-built WiFi and LAN for internet connectivity.:
    • Backup for power cuts with 10ms automatic switch time.:
    • Now with 12 year warranty.
    • Full manufacture 5 year warranty with extensions up to 10 years available. 

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