GSL Hybrid Inverter 5.5kw Inverter Single Phase Compatible with GSL & Pylontech £775 +VAT

£930.00 incl. VAT

GSL Hybrid Inverter 5.5kw Inverter Single Phase Compatible with GSL & Pylontech £775 +VAT

£930.00 incl. VAT
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GSL ALL-in-1 Hybrid Inverter 5.5kw Inverter Single Phase 230V/240VAC GSL & Pylontech 


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ENA reference VOLTR/12025/V1

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5.5kwh hybrid inverter, this on or off grid hybrid inverter can charge either from solar with up to 6500w pv input or directly from the grid. Charge & discharge rate is up to 5.5kwh enough to support an average to high demand property. The hybrid is pre-set at 80A providing 4kwh however, this can be increased to 100A providing there is enough ventilation to keep the inverter cool.

Set up can be utilised as a hybrid inverter to connect up to 6500w of solar to charge from solar or from the grid or as an AC coupled charger to run alongside your existing solar pv system or just from the grid.

 Product Performance

1.  This is a multi-function inverter/charger/solar system.

2.  Combining functions of inverter, solar charger and battery to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size.

3.  LCD display, configure input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers, configure battery charging current based on applications, configure AC/Solar Charge priority.

4.  Compatible to mains voltage or generator power, auto restart while AC is recovering.

5.  Users can flexibly match battery capacity, standard battery packages or external batteries.

6.  It combines a wide PV input range MPPT controller, can convert solar energy from PV to loads directly.

7.  Integrated design, Easy transportion and installation.

8.  Overload/Over temperature/short circuit protection.

9.  Our product are CE/ ROSH/ VDE/ MSDS/ UN38.3/ IEC approved, meeting various certification requirements for different countries.


Modulate design, single person can carry and install it.

Plug and play, 30 min quick installation.

Space saving; 0.15 sqm foot print. 


Global cloud plaform Mobile APP.

Anytime and anywhere.

Open APL, support power internet applications.

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