Projoy DC Isolator 25A 2pole 1string £14 +VAT

£16.81 incl. VAT

Projoy DC Isolator 25A 2pole 1string £14 +VAT

£16.81 incl. VAT
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Projoy DC Isolator 25A 2pole 1string

#1: PEDS150-EL25R-2 Switches - DC Isolators

#17: 25a 2-pole 1-string DC isolator - Projoy

PEDS-EL Enclosure Series DC Isolator 25A

  • Modular design, DC insulation voltage 1500V, compact structure
  • IP66 box design, switch rotation operator with three lockable positions, to prevent misoperation
  • Suitable for different specifications of waterproof cable connector
  • The zero line bridge with angle design makes the connection easier
  • With sufficient internal space and good heat dissipation effect, the whole machine can work under -40℃-70℃ with full load
  • High - speed "on - off" switching mechanism, using energy storage spring, fast switching, maximum switching time is less than 5ms
  • Contact self-cleaning design, reduce the resistance and energy consumption of DC switch, extend the life of switch
  • Magnetic arc extinguishing and gate arc extinguishing are used to suppress the arc effectively
  • Passed IEC / EN60947-3: 2009+A1+A2, AS60947.3, UL508I, GB / T14048.3, with TUV, CE, CB, SAA, UL certification

Weight: 0.25 kg
Poles: 2
Max Cable: 16 mm2
Max Voltage: 1,500 V
Rated Current: 20 A
Rated Voltage: 800 V
Rated Current: 11 A
Rated Voltage: 1000 V
Rated Current: 25 A
Rated Voltage: 600 V

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