Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 7.10kWh £2,325 +VAT

£2,790.00 incl. VAT

Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 7.10kWh £2,325 +VAT

£2,790.00 incl. VAT
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Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 7.10kWh 

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#2: PYL-L2-BMU-BASE-L7.10 

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Long cable for connecting the master battery to a battery charger. (Short cable for connecting batteries is included)

This part is made up of the following items:

2 x PYL-L2-BATT Pylon Force-L2 Li-ion Battery Module 3.55kWh FL4874M              

1 x PYL-L2-BMU-BASE     Pylon Force-L2 BMU with Base FC0048M-100      

Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 7.10kWh

This product package consists of 2 x Force-L2 battery modules with 3.55kWh capacity each plus 1x Force-L2 base with BMU.


Pylontech's Force-L2 is a home energy storage system (HESS) using a modern, modular design combined with easy installation, simple connectors and outdoor compatibility.


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