SolarEdge Home Battery V2 10kWh 1ph package £5,197 + VAT

£6,203.46 incl. VAT

SolarEdge Home Battery V2 10kWh 1ph package £5,197 + VAT

£6,203.46 incl. VAT
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SolarEdge Home Battery V2 10kWh 1ph package

#2: SE-BATTERY02-10KWH-PACK Storage Systems - Li-ion Battery System

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SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh V2 Battery is specifically designed to complement SolarEdge StorEdge with HD-Wave/Home Wave technology inverters. It integrates with the entire SolarEdge residential offering, for a seamless user experience.

This V2 10kWh Single phase battery bundle consists of:

1 x SolarEdge Home Battery - 1PH 400V 9.7kWh Battery v02 (SE-BATTERY02-10KWH)

1 x PH/3PH 230/400V SolarEdge Energy Meter K2 with Modbus Connection (SE-WND-3Y400-MB-K2)

1 x SolarEdge Handles for Manoeuvring Home Battery 400V (IAC-RBAT-HANDLE-01)

1 x 100A Split-Core Current Transformer for SolarEdge Energy Meter with Modbus Connection (SE-CT-SPL-100A-A)

1 x SolarEdge Branch Connectors for Home Battery 400V (IAC-RBAT-RWYCBL-01)

To connect the battery to your inverter, you'll need the appropriate plug, dependent on the inverter type:

  • For SetAPP Inverters: ENET-HBCL-01
  • For NET Inverters:  ENET-HBNP-01

The package includes the Energy Net Plug-In for SetApp inverters, 4 handles for easy carrying, a pair of Staubli MC4 Y connectors (useful if the PV inverter has only 1 pair of DC inputs), and optional accessories for floor mounting.

Please note that ancillaries provided may not be needed for every installation, so it's recommended to review and remove any items not required. If your installation already has a SolarEdge Modbus meter, the additional meter in this system is not necessary.  

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