SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid 7.5Kw (inc. WiFi dongle) £1,091 + VAT

£1,309.13 incl. VAT

SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid 7.5Kw (inc. WiFi dongle) £1,091 + VAT

£1,309.13 incl. VAT
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SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid 7.5Kw (inc. WiFi dongle)

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SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid 7.5Kw (inc. WiFi dongle)

Introducing the latest SolaX Hybrid, the 4th generation, an advanced evolution of its 3rd-generation predecessor. This model not only retains all the essential features that made the previous version popular but also incorporates significant enhancements for an improved experience.

The SolaX Hybrid stands out as a dual-function unit, efficiently combining the roles of a solar PV inverter and a battery storage controller. This innovative integration allows for the storage of excess solar energy in batteries, making it available for use when needed. It's crucial to note that the sizing of this hybrid system is akin to that of a standard inverter. For those considering an upgrade, the SolaX Hybrid is designed to seamlessly replace any existing inverter in a retrofit scenario, simplifying the transition to this more advanced system.

Key Features:

  • In-built EPS changeover switch
  • Supports up to 150% oversizing
  • Can work at full capacity down to -35C
  • 30A Charge/discharge capability
  • On-grid and off-grid use
  • Includes WiFi Dongl

AC attributes
Max power: 7500W
Max current: 40A
Number of phases: 1

DC attributes
Max power: 10000W
Max Isc current: 16A
Max voltage550V
Start up voltage90V

Max efficiency: 97.6%
IP rating: IP65
Weight: 23kg
Dimensions: 482*417*181mm

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