SolaX X3-FIT G4 8kW (3ph AC Coupled Inverter) £1,518 + VAT

£1,821.22 incl. VAT

SolaX X3-FIT G4 8kW (3ph AC Coupled Inverter) £1,518 + VAT

£1,821.22 incl. VAT
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Product description

SolaX X3 RetroFit AC Coupled Battery 3ph Inverter 8kW 

#2: X3-FIT-8
#3: 4748

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The X3-FIT Series comprises a 3-phase AC coupled inverter.  It's the 4th generation SolaX designed hybrid inverter. Retro Fit will direct excess energy into your battery, ready for later use. This is a hybrid solar PV inverter and battery storage controller. In addition, this AC coupled inverter can act as a backup power supply if there is a loss of power. The X3 Retro Fit will then send the stored power back to your home.

Product Features: 

  • VPP Function
  • EPS Switchover Time <10ms with up to 150% output for 60s
  • Max. 110% nominal apparent AC power
  • Flexible Peak Shaving
  • Compatible with WiFi V2.0
  • Optional three-phase unbalanced output

For G100 Applications, a software update is recommended, and the SolaX CHINT three-phase CT energy meter is advised.

WiFi stick is required for SolaX Cloud

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AC attributes
Max power:  8800W
Max current:  12.9A
Number of phases: 3
Max efficiency: 98%
IP rating:  IP65
Weight: 30kg
Dimensions:(H x W x D) 
503 x 503 x 199mm

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