GivEnergy All In One - 6kW AC charger & 13.5 kWh storage 100% DOD £5,553 +vat

£6,663.60 incl. VAT

GivEnergy All In One - 6kW AC charger & 13.5 kWh storage 100% DOD £5,553 +vat

£6,663.60 incl. VAT
Product description

GivEnergy All In One - 13.5 kW with Gateway for backup 


#3: GivEnergy All in One with Gateway for backup


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The GivEnergy All in One is a one of a kind home battery and inverter – unrivalled for power and price point. Meanwhile, the Giv-Gateway protects supply and keeps properties running during power cuts.

The GivEnergy All In One AC coupled system has many advantages. With 7.2kW peak power, the charge and discharge rate of these batteries helps better take advantage of agile tariffs. Alongside this, the system is complete with a substantial 13.5kWh useable battery pack and allows for 100% Depth of Discharge.

With inbuilt isolator, CT clamp, metering, switchgear, and a gateway requiring no additional distribution board; there’s little to fit and minimal wiring.

Above all else, the all in one unit has a fantastic premium look and a good deal of capacity, at a very affordable price.

Kit Includes:

  • GivEnergy All in One
  • GivEnergy Gateway


With the additional GivEnergy Gateway, the All in One can provide whole house backup in the event of a power failure.


Mulpitple systems in parallel not yet available

The Giv-Gateway provides seamless switching between grid and battery ensuring that your property is always powered. Giv-Gateway also facilitates a connection point for your solar PV system by allowing it to continue to generate energy even without a grid supply

Grid Services Ready
Energy suppliers and aggregators are offering payments for end users that can reduce their electrical consumption at certain times.

Pre-Installed EM115 Meter
Quicker and simpler system installation, which reduces the number of individual mounted components needed

20ms Switchover Time
Uniterrupted supply in the event of a power failure, to ensure all critical loads are stable.

Built-In LoRa
Uses Radio frequency to transmit the Grid meter data back to the inverter, which allows the system to be installed remotely without a cable.


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