420W REC Alpha Pure-R Series All Black Solar Panel £117 +VAT

£140.57 incl. VAT

420W REC Alpha Pure-R Series All Black Solar Panel £117 +VAT

£140.57 incl. VAT
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420W REC Alpha Pure-R Series All Black Solar Panel


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Please check minimum order quantity prior to ordering as this varies depending on the specific panel.

Minimum order for this panel: 2 panels. 

For orders with no minimum please visit our Single Panels page.

*Collections are not permitted due to health & safety regulations*

  • Rating: 420W
  • Efficiency: 21.7%
  • Width: 1,118 mm
  • Height: 1,730 mm

Key Features:

  • REC Alpha Pure Series variant offers next-level power and greater environmental impact 
  • Innovative gapless cell layout uses the entire panel surface to generate power
  • Highly impressive power density of 219 watts/m², with panel power reaching 405 Wp
  • Lead-free* for less environmental impact
  • Lead removed from all panel components, including cell connections, cross connectors and junction box soldering
  • Seamless appearance, lead-free construction, and high power make it a compelling solar panel for rooftops
  • Increased number of wires greatly improves flow of electricity current
  • Eliminating invasive soldering removes risk of cell damage or microcracks for long-lasting high performance
  • Stylish looks thanks to thin, barely-visible wires and uniformly black-colored cells
  • Full-black variant is a design masterpiece and the most elegant feature for your home
  • Solder-free cells
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing drastically reduces carbon footprint

Protrust Warranty

Registering for the Protrust warranty means you get a 25 year product warranty and an industry first labour warranty in the unlikely event that an REC panel needs to be serviced and there's more...

Key points:

  • 25yr REC ProTrust Product Warranty
  • Tools for marketing and to simplify business - access to the REC media library, pictures and logos, flash data and marketing shop (launches August)
  • Premium products and technical knowhow from REC experts

Rated Power:420 W

Weight: 21.5 kg

MCS Reference: INT PV21916

Length:1,730 mm

Width: 1,118 mm

Depth: 30 mm

VMPP: 50 V

IMPP: 8.4 A

Isc: 8.89 A

Voc: 59.4

Temp. Coefficient (Mpp): -0.26 %

Clamp position on panel: Long and short side

Connector Type: MC4

Efficiency: 21.7 %

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