4mm2 Two Core DC Cable 100m - Red and Black £460 +VAT

£552.00 incl. VAT

4mm2 Two Core DC Cable 100m - Red and Black £460 +VAT

£552.00 incl. VAT
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Product description

4mm2 Two Core DC Cable 100m - Red and Black

#2: DC-PV-ULTRA2C4.0-100 Cables - DC Cables

    PV-Ultra - Double Insulated Multicore DC Cable

    The PV-Ultra cable is engineered for excellence in solar photovoltaic systems, offering a robust solution for DC interconnections. Its superior mechanical properties ensure it can be deployed both inside and outside, showcasing versatility. Made from premium materials, this cable is built to last, with an anticipated lifespan of up to 25 years. It is capable of functioning at a peak conductor temperature of 90°C, and can withstand temperatures up to 120°C for as long as 20,000 hours, in environments reaching up to 90°C. This durability and performance make the PV-Ultra an ideal choice for reliable, long-term solar installations.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easier to handle and identify
    • Saves installation costs and installation time
    • Easier to route along/through buildings or walls
    • Gives a cleaner, neater installation
    • Safer as it removes the need for junction boxes
    • Safer as it looks like a power cable to reduces the risk of accidental damage
    • Pre-marked ‘LIVE DC’ warning message to improve safety

    Current carrying capacities based on ambient temperature of 60°C , for temperatures above 60°C temperature derating factors should be applied as follows 70°C=0.91, 80°C=0.82, 90°C=0.71. Refer to BS7671 for further guidance.


    Supplier Part No: PV-ULTRA2C4.0.100M
    Weight: 33.5 kg
    Length: 100 m
    Area: 4 mm2
    Colour: Red and Black
    Cores: 2 - N
    Max Current: 52
    Max Voltage: 1,800

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