380W Jinko Black Framed Mono solar panel

£146.40 incl. VAT

380W Jinko Black Framed Mono solar panel

£146.40 incl. VAT
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380W Jinko Black Framed Mono solar panel 

#2: JKM380M-6RL3-B


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This 380W Jinko all black Tiger panel comes with a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty. Designed with TR Technology with half cell cell layout, efficiency reaches up to 19.91%.
Other features of this panel include:

TR Technology & Half Cell: Tilling ribbon technology is the process of overlapping cells with the aim of eliminating cell gap by reducing wasted space to give an overall module efficiency boost allowing more power output for a smaller footprint.

Warranty: The innovations mentioned above combined with strong mechanical characteristics allows Jinko to offer a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year output warranty on its panels.

Severe Weather Resilience: This product is certified to withstand wind load of 2400 Pascal and snow loads of 5400 Pascal.

Circular Ribbon & 9BB Technology: In unison this design effectively reduces the risk of debris, cracks and broken gate complications with 9BB helping to improve power generation by decreasing the distance between bus bars and finger grid lines.

Higher Life-time Power Yield: Thanks to Jinko's 25 year linear power warranty this product has a maximum first year degradation of 2.5% and a maximum linear degradation of 0.6% thereafter, ensuring your purchase is protected.

Dimensions 1855 x 1029 x 30mm

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