Fox LV5200 5.12kWh 3kw Solis RAI AC 48V Complete battery storage kit charges from Octopus Go £1,989+vat


Fox LV5200 5.12kWh 3kw Solis RAI AC 48V Complete battery storage kit charges from Octopus Go £1,989+vat

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Product description

Fox LV5200 5.12kWh 3kw Solis RAI AC 48V Complete battery storage kit 
#0: LV5200-Solis-RAI kit 

Suitable for charging from Economy 7 such as Octopus Go. For detailed explanation of how to maximise Economy 7 essential information to work out which battery storage options is best for you please visit - Understaning Economy 7


Add up to 6 additional Fox 5.12kwh batteries to your system.


*Collections are not permitted due to health & safety regulations*

Complete kit for charging from the grid or solar includes:

1 x FE-LV5200 5.12kwh 48V Lithium Ion battery

1 x SOL-3.0K-RAI-48ES-5G-AC-V2 Solis 3.0kw 5G RAI charger 

1 x  FE-CABLE Cable Pack FE-CABLE

1 x SOL-DLS-W3  Solis Data Logging Stick 

1 x KETO-00-80A KETO Battery Disconnector with 80A Fuses

Battery - LV5200 

The LV5200 is capable of discharging at up to 1C, which means it can discharge its entire capacity in one hour. This makes the LV5200 able to supply sudden, high power loads of up to 5.1kW. 

More great features:

  • 98% Charge/Discharge efficiency
  • Wide temprerature tolerance
  • Easy installation
  • CAN/RS485 Communication

Please note: The standard warranty on the product is 5 years but it could be extended to 10 years in total after successful registration on the Fox website below.

• 98% Charge/Discharge Efficiency

• 90% Depth of Discharge

• Wide Temperature Tolerance

• Easy Installation • >6000 Life Cycles

• CAN/RS485 Communication

• Low Voltage

Charger - Fox AC 5.0kW

The Fox system is easy to install and will save you time spent on installation. Remote monitoring is also avalible via your smartphone or web portal.

  • Uses high voltage batteries 
  • IP65 rated - suitable for outdoor installations
  • Remote monitoring via web portal or smartphone
  • Easy to expand battery capacity
  • Dual MPPT - ensure optimal solar production
  • High round-trip efficiency of 97% BMS unit required 2 x HV2600 batteries minimum

CT Clamps and meter are included in the box


Weight: 54 kg




Solis 3kw RAI AC charger - 3.3kwh charge/discharge rate

Leading Features
- Natural cooling without external fan
- Various work mode for different application scenarios
- IP65 degree, applicable for different installation environments
- Optional stand-alone mode ensures constant power supply for critical load
- Available to integrate all renewable energy system including solar, wind, fuel cell etc
- Advanced BMS to enhance the battery usage and guarantee the longer battery lifespan
- Compatible with any existing grid-tied PV system, option to upgrade the current grid-tied system to a new battery storage system
- Convenient real-time monitoring realized via wireless communication and intelligent debugging APP which support one-click inverter configuration

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